Together We Thrive: The Impact of Your Support at Bozeman Public Library

In communities large and small, public libraries stand as cherished institutions, serving as hubs of knowledge, inspiration, and community connection. As pillars of accessibility and inclusivity, public libraries provide essential resources and programming for people of all ages and backgrounds, nurturing curiosity and facilitating personal growth.

While city, county, and state taxes cover the essential needs of libraries, such as salaries, office supplies, and utilities, it is the generous contributions of individuals like you that fund the additional enhancements that elevate our Library to extraordinary heights.

Your generous support has enabled us to commit to funding $341,752 worth of important programs and initiatives that foster learning, creativity, and connection in 2024. These endeavors not only enhance the library experience but also contribute to making Bozeman an even better place to live. THANK YOU for empowering our community by supporting our public library!