The best thing on four wheels? It’s the Bookmobile, and you make it possible

A visit to the Bozeman Public Library is a uniquely joyful experience. While you can find virtually any book you need, of course, an exploratory ramble down the Library’s long stacks will yield even more items you didn’t know you needed.

But many people can’t easily get to their library. That’s why, in 2017, Bozeman Public Library’s Bookmobile first hit the road on a mission to bring library materials, learning resources, and companionship to anyone in the Gallatin Valley who might appreciate a visit.

Each month, the Bookmobile stops at roughly fifty locations, including childcare centers, schools, senior centers, and parks. It ventures out, even in snowy conditions, as far afield as Amsterdam and Pass Creek.

And the Bookmobile carries far more than books. Patrons can borrow mobile wi-fi hotspots, laptop computers, games, audiobooks, and movies. They can also attend programs for both kids and adults offered by its two dedicated librarians, Benjamin Elliott and Jonathan Farrell.

Want to see just how much good the Bookmobile brings? Climb aboard the Bookmobile with adorable youngsters from the HRDC’s Head Start Bozeman early learning program in this 2 ½ minute video.

“We are happy to be able to support teachers who work with [young children] every day,” says Elliott, who leads mobiles services at the Library, which includes the Bookmobile. “We provide extra resources for their learning; build positive experiences around books, libraries, and learning; and be that extra exposure to libraries in their lives so they are more likely to appreciate libraries and continue to be library patrons and learners in general throughout their lives.”

The Bookmobile is especially important as parents’ work schedules are stretched ever tighter. “Going out to early learning centers can be especially important when a child who attends preschool full time may not live in a household where their parents always have time to take them to the library outside of the school day,” Elliott explains.

Donations to the Bozeman Public Library made it possible to purchase and outfit the then-new bus five years ago at a cost of $600,000. Your gifts continue to support the Bookmobile today, paying for fuel and maintenance on the vehicle as it serves more than 20,000 patrons each year.

Thank you for helping the Bookmobile bring joy and learning to our entire community!