SymBozium is back!

Bozeman Public Library launched our civil discourse series, SymBozium, in 2018 with the goal to tackle tough topics featuring subject matter experts representing varied points of view. Since then, SymBozium has addressed challenging themes ranging from Water in the West to Artificial Intelligence. In 2019, SymBozium was presented with the national Baker & Taylor award by United for Libraries in recognition of this innovative community program.

This month, SymBozium returns on Wednesday, May 24 at 7pm at the Museum of the Rockies to tackle the difficult topic: Ethical Considerations at the End of Life moderated by Dr. Colette Kirchhoff. Dr. Kirchhoff maintained an active practice in family medicine in Bozeman for 23 years and for the past 16 years has served as medical director of Hospice, currently Eden Hospice. Dr. Kirchhoff is the Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Washington and the FCM Director of WWAMI Medical School in Montana. She is the Co-Director of the University of Washington Planetary Health Workgroup.  

Joining Dr. Kirchhoff, we are thrilled to have three extremely accomplished experts weigh in on this difficult but inevitable subject.

Dr. Robert J. Flaherty, MD is a Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine and the WWAMI Medical Program at Montana State University.  Now retired from clinical practice, Dr. Flaherty frequently helps individuals find information related to their medical conditions so they can better understand their condition and treatment options. He also writes popular and professional medical articles, gives presentations about medical conditions affecting seniors, and leads community discussion groups on End-of-Life topics.

Lois Shepherd, J.D. is a Professor of Biomedical Ethics at the University of Virginia, where she directs the programs in law and medicine.  She is the co-author of a leading casebook, Bioethics and the Law, and the author of If That Ever Happens to Me: Making Life and Death Decisions After Terri Schiavo (2009).  She has appeared on Science Friday and C-SPAN and has published numerous articles in law reviews, medical journals, and bioethics journals on law and medicine, including end-of-life decision-making, reproductive medicine, disability, and research ethics.  

Kathryn L. Tucker, J.D. has spent more than 30 years leading advocacy efforts to protect and expand the rights of terminally ill patients. She is currently the Director of Advocacy at the National Psychedelics Association, where her work focuses on opening access to psychedelic-assisted therapy in patients with advanced illness. Ms. Tucker served as lead counsel representing patients and physicians in two landmark federal cases decided by the United States Supreme Court. She was co-counsel in the case decided by the Montana Supreme Court, establishing access to Aid in Dying in Montana. Ms. Tucker appears frequently on television and radio including Crossfire, the PBS NewsHourLarry King, and CNN. Her work has been profiled in the magazines GeorgeVogueTimePeople and Health, among others.

This event series is free and open to all with no advance tickets required. SymBozium is made possible thanks to our generous sponsors and donations made to the Bozeman Public Library Foundation.

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