SymBozium #2: The Economics of Immigration: Boon or Bust?

We are pleased to announce the second in our civil discourse series called SymBozium, presented by the Bozeman Public Library.

The Economics of Immigration: Boon or Bust?

April 2, 2019
7:00 pm
The Emerson’s Crawford Theater

DACA, migrant caravans, undocumented workers, merit-based immigration. Few issues are more divisive in the United States today than immigration reform. Even though key businesses and industries – some right here in Montana – depend upon an immigrant workforce to be successful, opponents of immigration hold that our economy suffers when legal and non-legal individuals make the United States their home. How does one cut through all the partisan “noise” to understand how immigration impacts our economic well-being? Is immigration a boon or a bust for our economy?  What are the myths, and what are the facts? Listen to and consider various viewpoints and offer your questions to our panelists in a follow-up question and answer session.


Moderated by:

Nancy Chen, Women’s leadership coach & founder, Power to the Queen!

With guest speakers:

George J. Borjas, Professor of Economics & Social Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
Andrew Greenfield, Immigration attorney & Managing Partner, Fragomen Worldwide
Bridget Kevane, Professor of Latin American & Latino Studies, MSU

SymBozium is a forum for civil discourse created, organized, and funded by donations from private citizens, foundations, and local businesses. It reflects the engagement and dedication of our community to address controversial topics thoughtfully and with respect for one another. The first event drew over 300 attendees and we look forward to seeing it grow.

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