Gifts of Stock

The Bozeman Public Library on a spring afternoon

Gifting Stock or Other Appreciated Assets

Did you know you can give stock, mutual funds, ETFs, or other securities directly to the Library Foundation?

It’s a tax-savvy giving strategy that avoids capital gains taxes for you and maximizes your charitable tax deduction—all while making your gift more valuable to your Library.

The savings can be significant. Here’s an example of how big a benefit it can yield, assuming a stock bought at $20,000 that’s now worth $50,000, and with a capital gains and Net Investment Income tax rate of 23.8%.*

A graphic explains how a gift of stock or other security provides tax savings for the donor while resulting in a higher gift to the Library

As you can see, giving the stock directly gave the Library over $7,000 more benefit and saved the donor about $10,000 in taxes versus selling the stock first and donating straight cash. That’s a considerable percentage the stock’s value that goes to you and the cause you care about, instead of to taxes.

Transferring securities is a straightforward process. If you’re intrigued, you can chat with your financial manager or reach out to us for more information. Please contact the Foundation before you begin the stock transfer to provide us with the estimated date of transfer and number of shares being transferred. This helps us confirm your donation was received as intended.

If your broker holds the securities for your account, please instruct the broker to electronically transfer the securities to the Bozeman Public Library Foundation’s account using this information:

  • Receiving Account Name: Bozeman Public Library Fdn, Inc., Reserve Account
  • Account Number: 54892002
  • Brokerage House: D.A. Davidson
  • DTC Number: 0361
  • Financial Advisor: Webster Wealth Management
  • Brokerage House Contact: 406-587-5461

If you have a question, please contact Foundation Director Janay Johnson at 406-582-2426 or