The Last Best Place is in Last Place for Internet Access

Library aide Emma Treut shows off a mobile hotspot and laptop that are available to borrow from the Library. Who doesn’t need reliable internet for work, school, telemedicine appointments, or just about everything else? Yet Montana ranks dead last among U.S. states in combined scores of internet access, speed, and affordability—adding another challenge to families trying to […]

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Libraries Trending as Book Banning Heats Up

Been following the news lately? Libraries have become a downright spicy topic as politicians, parents, and activists accelerate book banning efforts to a dizzying rate.   Many of the book challenges center around school libraries, but public libraries have also seen a surge in requests to have books removed from their shelves. While most of […]

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For Kids in Need, a Book of Their Own

Librarian Kathleen McPherson-Glynn and Child Nutrition Coordinator Lyra Leigh-Nedbor show off the latest book bags delivered from the Bozeman Public Library to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. Remember your favorite book as a kid? Chances are, it was one you had in your home. You may even have written your name in it, to mark […]

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Who Pays for Your Library, Anyway?

Libraries are not just much-loved institutions—they are well used. 43% of all Montanans have their own Library card, for instance. And they use libraries not just for access to books, but for movies, newspapers, music, learning apps, the internet, and more. But when it comes to giving, most people don’t think of donating to their […]

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How Summer Reading Helps Children Throughout Life

If kids are in school for nine months each year, does a few months’ break from reading in the summer really matter?  The across-the-board answer from researchers is a resounding “yes.” On average, children lose 20% of their previous year’s gains in reading skills over the summer. By the time a struggling reader enters sixth […]

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Give Big to bring new spaces to your LIbrary

May 5-6, 2022