Together We Thrive: The Impact of Your Support at Bozeman Public Library

In communities large and small, public libraries stand as cherished institutions, serving as hubs of knowledge, inspiration, and community connection. As pillars of accessibility and inclusivity, public libraries provide essential resources and programming for people of all ages and backgrounds, nurturing curiosity and facilitating personal growth. While city, county, and state taxes cover the essential […]

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The Bookmobile: Delivering Library Magic

In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, where anything you want to know is just a click away, there exists an enduring institution that brings the magic of books throughout the Gallatin Valley: the Bozeman Public Library Bookmobile. With its wheels turning and shelves stocked, the Bookmobile serves as an integral extension of the Bozeman Public […]

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Bozeman Public Library Foundation Joins National Campaign to Combat Censorship and Champion Free Expression

Bozeman Public Library Foundation is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the American Library Association to Unite Against Book Bans,  a national grassroots campaign to engage the public in the fight against censorship. This non-partisan campaign leverages the reach of national organizations representing librarians, educators, parents, authors, publishers, and champions for civil liberties, […]

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