Legacy Giving


Make a gift that gives for generations to come. 

By leaving a legacy gift to the Bozeman Public Library Foundation, you will provide the Library with a critical source of long-term funding that will benefit our community well into its future.

There are a number of ways to make a legacy gift, including: Wills and Trusts, our Annual Gift Forever program, Gifts that Guarantee Lifetime Payments, Gifts by Beneficiary Designation, and IRA.

Wills and Trusts

The process for leaving a legacy gift can be as simple as including bequest language in a will or trust. 

Below is sample bequest language that might be used to designate a fixed sum or percentage of your assets to the Foundation:

“I give to the Bozeman Public Library Foundation, a nonprofit corporation, 626 East Main; Bozeman, MT 59715 (Federal Tax Identification Number #81-0405940) the amount of $_______ or ______% of the residue of my estate.” 

Annual Gift Forever 

Want your Library to thrive decades from now? How about in a century? You can make a gift as enduring as your love for the Library by participating in our Annual Gift Forever program.

Endowments are permanent funds that are invested to earn interest. Through the years, the interest is typically drawn upon, but the original gift amounts remain intact. Our Annual Gift Forever program is a similar model that allows your gift to give on perpetually, supporting the work of the Library forever. 

Gifts than Guarantee Lifetime Payments

Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT): You transfer assets (usually cash, securities, or real estate) to a trustee of your choice through a formal trust agreement. Your trustee invests the trust assets and makes annual payments to you and/or a loved one, based on the payout rate chosen by you. At your death or at the termination of the trust, the principal is distributed to the BPLF.

Charitable Lead Trust (CLT): You transfer assets (usually cash or securities) to a trustee of your choice through a formal trust agreement. Your trustee invests the trust assets and makes annual income payments to the Foundation. At termination, the trust distributes all assets, including any appreciation, to your heirs.

Giving by Beneficiary Designation

Making a gift to the BPLF by beneficiary designation from a Transfer on Death (TOD) account is a simple and tax-efficient way to fund your legacy and avoid the probate process. To include the BPLF, simply contact a representative of the institution that manages your account or policy and request a “change of beneficiary form.” This applies to:

  • Retirement Plans
  • Life Insurance Plans
  • Banking and Brokerage Accounts

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Making a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD), a direct transfer of funds from your IRA custodian payable to a qualified charity, is a great way to support the Library. QCDs can be counted toward satisfying your required minimum distributions (RMDs) for the year.

Sharing information on your legacy gift is powerful knowledge for your Library. 

When the Library knows about intended gifts, it can plan with much more confidence for the future. The vast majority of Library programs and services beyond basic operations are funded by gifts from private individuals and family foundations. Knowledge about the legacy plans of our donor community helps the Library lay the groundwork for improving existing programs and building new opportunities for our community.

If you have already included the Foundation in your estate plan, we humbly thank you. We hope you will let us know by completing this form. We want to share our gratitude, learn how you would like to be recognized for this gift, and let you know your Library’s vision for the future.

For more information about any of the legacy gift options, contact Janay Johnson at janay@bozemanlibraryfoundation.org or 406-582-2426.

*Consult with your attorney or other advisors to make sure that the gift you choose makes sense as part of your overall estate plan.