ICYMI: Check out what YOU accomplished in 2021

On the 2021 Gratitude Report cover, Bozeman youngster Zamiro Bailey explores the Library's children's section with dad Gavin.

Feel like this summer is as much of a blur as the last? You can slow down your perception of time with strategies that include practicing reflection and gratitude, paying attention to the present moment, and learning something new.

By reading our 2021 gratitude report [pdf], you can do all those things at once.

Inside, you’ll discover how a circus can encourage kids to read, how we’re modernizing with new spaces for collaborative learning, and how every single person in our community is welcome, for free, to learn and improve their
lives at a Library that belongs equally to us all. You’ll also see where we put your dollars to work.

We’re reflecting on all the good work YOU made possible last year. We’re grateful to have the continued support of an extraordinary community of supporters. We’re paying careful attention to the needs of our community and how the Library can support everyone within it.

And as for learning something new? Well, that’s always a given at your Bozeman Public Library. We also hope this report teaches you something new about what you’ve helped achieve for our community.

This year, we’re issuing a friendly challenge to our supporters to use their Library for their own learning and to invite friends and families to do so as well. You’ll find so many services, from free online courses to mobile internet hotspots to in-person workshops and events, that can make your life more rewardingand the moments within it more memorable.

"Thanks for a good library. It is one of the joys in my life."