Donations in Action: Internet Access

The pandemic has really shined a light on the digital divide in our community. So many people rely on the Library, coffee shops, and other places with free internet access because they don’t have access at home. With those places offering limited or no service, many of our neighbors are struggling to attend online classes, keep in touch with family and friends, pay bills, and engage in the many other activities in modern life that occur mainly online. Thanks to a grant from the Morton H. Meyerson Family Foundation that was matched by two generous donors, we were able to add 20 mobile internet hotspots to our collection, bringing the total available to 34.

Patrons can check out a hotspot that gives them a free mobile network at their home, or anywhere else that has cell service. Your donations also helped us add 8 laptop computers that can be checked out for home use. Each laptop is paired with a hotspot. If you know of anyone who needs internet connection, please spread the word that we have an easy and free way to make that happen. We hope these new tools help our patrons navigate these difficult times.