Dive into summer at the Bozeman Public Library

As the days get longer, the summer sun shines brightly, and school doors close, it’s easy to forget the importance of keeping our minds active and engaged during the break. But fear not, Bozeman Public Library has a host of exciting and educational programs waiting for you! Summer learning through your Library is not just about avoiding the dreaded “summer slide” or checking off academic boxes. It’s a gateway to a world of adventure, creativity, and discovery.

Say goodbye to the dreaded phrase, “I’m bored!” The Bozeman Public Library is like a superhero swooping in to rescue kids of all ages from the clutches of boredom. From action-packed storytelling sessions designed for babies, tots, and preschoolers to molecular gastronomy sessions for teens, our Library is brimming with activities that will entertain and inspire.

Summer at our Library isn’t just for kids. Whether it’s joining a new book club, enjoying the Library’s air conditioning while learning a new craft at Sunday Crafternoon, or participating in an outdoor movement series class, we can help you explore or discover your passions. Who knows, you might just uncover a talent you never knew you had.

And, what better way to spend a summer Sunday evening than on the Library’s front lawn taking in live music with our Music on the Green concert series? This fun, family-friendly event is a perfect way to wrap up your weekend by listening to music outside in a relaxed downtown environment. Don’t forget your blankets, chairs, and dancing shoes!  

These programs, and so many more, are offered entirely free thanks to generous donations made to the Bozeman Public Library Foundation.

Summer in Montana is a cherished time, and the Bozeman Public Library is your ticket to an extraordinary journey. So grab your curiosity, pack your imagination, and embark on an unforgettable summer at the Bozeman Public Library.

Want to learn about everything going on at our Library this summer? Our Summer 2023 Guidebook is available online or a hard copy is available at any Library service desk.

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