Adair Peck’s Encaustic Paintings now on display

Adair Peck’s creative and colorful encaustic paintings will adorn the walls of the Bozeman Public Library’s Atrium Gallery November 1- December 31, 2018.  “I am currently working with Encaustics and it is a Love Story. With a background in painting, printmaking, and sculpture it is the perfect medium for me,” says Peck.

Encaustic paint is heated beeswax with pigment.  She often uses multiple layers of the beeswax with newsprint and other items such as coffee grounds to create texture and surprises. A blowtorch is used to seal each layer of the wax. A razor blade and other sharp items are used to scrape away at the layers to reveal what is underneath. Peck explains, “As I paint, I allow some of the lumpier forms to coexist with more refined details, allowing the personality of my subjects to emerge.  My most recent inspiration is my hometown of Bozeman where I live with my husband and three daughters.  My work reflects the personalities and facial expressions of many of the people and animals I see every day, as well as the legacy and lifestyle of ranchers and hunters.”

Peck holds a BFA from Boston University and a MFA from Brooklyn College, New York. She has been exhibiting her work across the country for over 20 years and has had numerous solo and group exhibitions.

A percentage of the sales of Peck’s work will go to the Bozeman Public Library Foundation to ensure a continuation of cultural programs at the Library for the benefit of the public.  For more information about the show, please call Sarah DeOpsomer at 582-2425.