Art exhibit to benefit the Labyrinth

A new art show, “Erosion,” by David Kingman is now on display through August 28th in the Bozeman Public Library Atrium Gallery. Forces of natural erosion—wind, water, glaciers, waves—have sculpted the incredible mountains and streams that Kingman has captured in his oil paintings. But in the past few months, in this unsettling time, other forces of erosion have influenced how and what Kingman paints, and he wonders how our landscapes, and our lives, will be re-shaped.

Kingman, an untrained artist, took up painting as a meditative pastime and a way to interpret and express the sense of awe and wonder that he has for the landscape around him. Kingman is also the Library supporter who spearheaded the creation of the Labyrinth in honor of his late wife Rocel who took comfort in walking a labyrinth when she was ill.

Since the opening and dedication of the Labyrinth in June 2019 we’ve seen our community embrace and enjoy this serene, meditative space between the Library and Peets Hill parking lot.

The eight-circuit, 52-ft diameter Labyrinth is comprised of reclaimed granite cobble, Montana sandstone, and creeping thyme. Native plantings and landforms create privacy for Labyrinth walkers while preserving views to the Lindley Park hillside and the Bridger Range beyond.

With his inspired paintings of local landscapes Kingman has pledged 100% of the proceeds from the sale of his art to fund future maintenance and enhancements to the Labyrinth. This is a wonderful way to support BPL and its beautiful campus.

The Library’s Atrium Gallery is open to the public Tue. – Sat. 10 am – 1 pm. Contact Kerry Williams to purchase artwork at 406-582-2425 or