Welcome to the Bozeman Public Library Foundation

The Foundation envisions the Library as a cornerstone of our community's high quality of life through exceptional visitor experiences and innovative programs, including the arts, children's events, music, educational opportunities, and other current or cultural programs.

Our Mission: The Foundation seeks to increase and enhance the quality of services, programs, and community events offered by the Bozeman Public Library, benefiting the residents and communities it serves, while advocating for private and public support of the Library.

The Bozeman Public Library Foundation has been the recipient of tremendous support and recognition from the community. We seek to work with other community stakeholders to help keep the Library relevant in the changing technological world. The Foundation's strategic goals include 1) developing and implementing enrichment programs and services; 2) supporting the Library's technology needs and services; and 3) endowment building. The Foundation has also created several flagship programs to enhance the Library's offerings, such as One Book - One Bozeman, Exploring the Arts, and the Children's Festival of the Book.

Help us make our Library the community's gathering place, its cultural living room open to everyone.