The Foundation envisions the Library as a cornerstone of our community’s high quality of life.


Welcome to the Bozeman Public Library Foundation!

The Foundation envisions the Library as a cornerstone of our community's high quality of life through exceptional visitor experiences and innovative programs. An active and successful Library Foundation turns a good library into a great library. The Bozeman Public Library is a GREAT library, thanks to the support of Foundation donors.

Join us on April 12 for our 6th annual Cornerstone Celebration: Honoring Arts & Ideas. The annual Cornerstone Award will be given to Jack and Barbara Kligerman for their cheerful dedication to the Library and literary pursuits in our community. See the invitation below for all the details this fun Shakespearean fundraiser to benefit the Bozeman Public Library. Call Sarah now for tickets! 582-2425

Many opportunities and challenges lie ahead for public libraries. With the rapid pace of technological advances, no one can predict what changes will occur in coming years. What entity will be at the forefront of this change? Who will shape and lead our communities? We believe it will be our public libraries.

Only libraries can offer free services, materials, and expertise to the communities they serve, regardless of age, gender, enthnicity, or financial status. Join with us in our mission of keeping our Library relevant and ready to be at the forefront of the 21st Century. 

Please contact Foundation Director Paula K. Beswick with any questions, suggestions, or ideas on how to get involved -- she loves chatting with people about the Library! She can be reached at 406-582-2426 or 

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